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« Those Two !»

A press article written by J.M. Gourreau

It is often hard to clearly figure out what is going on between two brothers when they act in complicity with each other. It is obvious that something else sometimes stronger than their brotherly love links them together.  The youngest admires his elder while the other feels the urge to protect, transmit values and educate the youngest. It is even more obvious when the age difference is important. We then see how strong the bonds are. It is this special relationship Jacques Fargearel wants to point out in his last play :Those Two !

This choreographer has been working for the last 20 years over the relations between adults and children but had never tackled until now  the fraternal bonds that can exist between two brothers. It was obviously  the logical next episode of his residence in Orly and we can reveal  that he was dying to work on it for a long time. But there was also another urge : to come up against   a technique he had never used before : the expression of the new generations : hip hop.

It remained to find an appropriate subject. He did.

During  an audition came a self-taught charismatic10 year old boy. Rapidly, he managed to entertain a very strong relationship with his 10 years older dancing partner and the choreographer himself. Then, the three of them wrote  in space  like a game : the boy with his energy and generosity, the older one with his expertise and enthusiasm. They wrapped  their dance in a jewel case made of complementary colours : green or red  paths crossing each other or lined up on the stage.

What about the result ? An exquisite moment of exchange, more touching by its contents and its veracity than by the energy it shows. Because, if the choreographer used the hip hop technique, he left aside all its usual virtuosity.

The confrontation, the challenges, the games, the hide-and-seek moments, as well as the disappointments and the angers take place in slow motion and diligence at the same time , sometimes like a leitmotiv that is never urgent, along with beautiful musical extracts (Arvo Pärt, Run DMC and an original soundtrack composed by the hip hop group CANELASON). Then, so much spontaneity, innocence and candour appear like a wonder. Such a desire for sharing in such a little boy attracts all the attention. And it is as touching to catch the attention, the care, the thoughtfulness, and  eagerness  the elder shows over his brother.

When we see them, we could swear a nearly  filial love which noone can break is uniting them forever after.

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