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Toddling Along

Creation 2011
A creation dedicated to Celia & Loïs

« Once upon a time, when i grow up…
there were times when i was a kid… »

The child will relate his future… the man will dance his memories…

« Toddling along » will be the crossed story of both a man and a young boy…
the two voiced path of the very same life,
the story of the carpenter,
along with the memories of his childhood.
The original script was ordered to a couple of children’s literature authors from Quebec : Francine Caron & Jacques Pasquet.


A child and a grown up man share the stage. It is in fact the same character at two different ages.
The child dreams of his future life, while he makes up a story composed with his own reality as a child and his imagination.
The adult, a carpenter remembers moments of his childhood, realizing the influence they’ve had on his present life.
Things to come and memories will be related through monologues being in fact parallel dialogues. Each one of them applies to his other self.
The wooden frame of a roof will be the place where they move around, thus connecting the cabins of the child with the occupation of the man.
The place where to be safe.
A sack of marbles will open the door to memories, emotions and imaginary realities.
Chocolate made coins will be sources of power…
A partition wall will become the holder of secrets between I and I, between the one and the other.
Francine Caron & Jacques Pasquet

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Cast :

Authors : Francine Caron & jacques Pasquet
Choreography : Jacques Fargearel with the assistance of the dancers
Scenecraft : Jacques Fargearel
Dancers : Marc Marchand (adult) & Hugo Issaly (child)
Rehearsing assistant : Katharina Bader
Prop master : Anne Minetti
Stage structure design and realization : Lionel Massin & Christian Guillebaud (« À tout bout d’sons » company)
Wardrobe : Chantal Rousseau
Light design : Bruno Monfeuillard
Sound designer, sound engineer : Aurélien Lucquiaud
Music consultant : Jean-François Aimable

Coproduced by the Centre Culturel Communal d’Orly and the Théâtre de l’Olivier / Scènes et Cinés Ouest de Provence.
With the support of the town of Saint-Priest-de-Gimel.With the support of the town of Orly and the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec.
The company is based in Orly, salle de l’Orangerie, rue Guy Moquet, Parc Méliès et benefits from funds from the Conseil général du Val-de-Marne.

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