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Kyrielle 3.2.1

Création  december 2007 / january 2008

to my mother

This play consist of a child's solo, a women's duet and a men's trio.
Coming of age, la Compagnie du Sillage, rejoicing in his journey, presents Kyrielle 3.2.1

18 years
in the wake of dance
of encounters and sharing
of loyalty, distances and reunions
to discover and visit the abundance of movement
18 years
of research and compositions nourished with the talent of each performer
of dance pieces highlighted by the skills of his technicians
of the company being supported by the efficiency of his associates
18 years
of support of the city of Orly, of the Val de Marne, of the theatres and festivals
18 ans
of creating, rehearsing, dancing,travelling and passing on,
in order
to offer a dance to share
space for perception
the desire to continue.

Concerning the duet and the trio , it is important to me to make new encounters with new dancers and also working again with loyal performers. The complicity of the past collaborations makes me want to create a dance where the child is not present even if childhood has left it’s imprints there as well .

The child’s solo gives the occasion to wonder about the child’s world without the presence of the adult in his dance . I made this solo starting from the singularity of children’s movement that I was able to observe during all these years of working with the young dancers in my pieces . I want to write this dance for them…nothing but for them… And for all the children who are supported by the movement of life .

Each one of these parts is the object of a musical collaboration with the Stringendo Orchestra Ensemble directed by Jean Thorel concerning the duet and the adult trio ,and with Vincent Madame , writer , composer and performer for the child’s solo.

These three short pieces can be danced separately or can be presented with other works or excerpts of the companies repertory . »
Jacques Fargearel

Kyrielle (1)
to Jean-François M

You look far ahead
You dream and imagine
You perceive
Between isolation and solitude
You remember
Between yesterday and tomorrow
Journey there and back
Between young and adult
Yesterday like today
You abandon yourself to earlier dreams
You take a run-up towards those who call you
Between forgotten dreams and found again memories
Hidden in the depth of our paths.

Kyrielle (2)
to Francine

On the same path
they share the same taste of life
Each one on her way 
They cross their fields of the life
Without delusion and without fear,
They confront the trial of their choices
The vitality of their movement
Leads them to the limit of their strength
Discovering new spaces
Exploring their fields of possibilities.

Kyrielle (3)
to the three Aimable.

copyright Laurent Philippe
They are three
With those knowing glances they look at each other
Playing on their bond which unites them
They are trying to outdo each other in playful fights.
Observing each one's proposition,
In order to adjust their own response.
They confront each other with the desire of meeting up again
Sharing the time that brings them together,
They confront the precision of their gestures,
Taking the risk, in a frantic race
To put up their rival forces.
With the passion that carries them
They resist the power of breath that overwhelms them
In the light of a myriad of sparks.
Jacques Fargearel

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Choreography : Jacques Fargearel with the collaboration of the interpretes
Dancers : Pascal Allio, Serge Ambert, Katharina Bader, Mikaël Baudouin, Anne Minetti, Maxime Leroux
Light Design : Jean-Marc Walter, Bruno Monfeuillard, François Hubert
Musician (guitare): Vincent Madame
Chef d’orchestre: Jean Thorel
Orchestre “live”: Ensemble Orchestral Stringendo
Wardrobe : Aline Querengasser

Coproduced by the Centre Culturel Communal d'Orly, the Conseil Général du Val-de-Marne (creation support) and the "Centre des Bords de Marne du Perreux sur Marne" ( broadcasting support)
With the support of the ADAMI.
The company is based in Orly, salle de l'Orangerie and benefits from funds from the Conseil General du Val de Marne.
Aknowledgements to the municipality of St-Priest-de-Gimel.

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