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« To the four winds »

Projet of the year 2005

For Martine & Marie Christine.

Synopsis :
« For this new production, I wish to work on four successive duets of 10 to 15 minutes. These different approaches are a series of choreographic short films about the relationships between an adult and a child. Each duet is reminiscent of a particular emotion to the light in which the dancers move around. Four points of view, four ways of lookin at relationships and opposing and complementary emotion.
For the four winds presents the whole of these studies with their connections, their interactions, their similarities, but also what characterizes and opposes them.
Each duet will be accompanied by an ocean of images projected on the floor. »

Jacques Fargearel

(hot winds descending from the mountains)
january 2005.
Duet for a man and a little boy: complicity
« In the connivance of these moments that one remembers
In the perfect harmony of these instants that one waits for
They build and share this treasure that they give to each other. »

The playful relationship between the two performers is the center of this duet. Each one uses the strong complicity that they have in common to propose an increase of movements and situations to the other in order to reach a common chord. This osmosis is expressed by choreographic variations danced identically: respectiong their differences though. An accumulation of acoustic objects invade the stage: from the small music box to the record player, the little electrophone, the tape recorder, music instruments up to the sound system of the theater (mobile speakers…). Each one creates a new situation to enjoy himself by turns. A kind of danced challenge during which one tries to amaze the other by his feats and his inventions, leading to an explosion of joy, laughter, sounds and light. The sound track inspired by popular traditional music is abundant and crescendo.

BOREE (north wind)
January 2005
Due for a women and a little girl : the disagreement
« In the harshness of an exchange tha upsets them
In the permanent confrontation that knocks them over
They tear themselves apart in the storm of their torments. »

One (the little girl) is observing the slightest gesture of the other (the woman). The child is dancing alone with a ball; from this situation originates a solo that aims to attract the attention of the adult which remains without response, without attention towards the child.
The adult, centerstage, explores movements that alternate from sudden outburst to immobility and lets himself surround by the circular movement then spiral of the child.
The balls slip from the child’s hand, meet the adult, setting in motion the movement and it’s resonance.
Aware of this shock wave, the child leads the other’s dance until contact is established which brings the adult to try to stop this childish manipulation. Difficult to catch, the child plays on the different proportions of height, weight and on his agility to move easily and rapidly in circles around, between and on the adult dancer. The cold and sharp lights cut out fragmented space in which the encounter and the dialogue happen with difficulty. The music which accompanies them is contemporary and percussive. An image of meadow is projected and the floor strewn with balls flower this carpet of green.

CHAMSIN (sand wind from the Egyptian desert)
November 2005
Duet for a man and a little girl : the absence
« The empty space as the only place to find each other again
With the distance that makes them so present
They weave together the thread of their absence. »

She downstage right, upstage left : they criss-cross the stage without ever looking at each other, but they are always aware of each other. Their paths cross but they never meet. Dance of the empty space. The writing of the movement takes up a great deal of space and leaves it’s echoes behind her and him. Each spot of this space has met their steps, in ricochets. White costumes on white dance floor, only their shoes and socks contrast strongly with their vivid colors. Variation of lights, from the brightest to the darkest, which account for space and infinite distance, for respective isolation. The acoustic architecture is minimal, up to silence. During their dance, they take of their shoes, one to take root, the other to dip her feet into the color and leave traces of her journey. The video images come merging and blending into this lifelike painting on the immaculate floor of the beginning.

BREVA (breeze from the valley of the Italian lakes)
November 2005
Duet for a little boy and a woman: admiration.
« With the look of silence that confuses them
With attention to the love that they feel
They wrap themselves up in silk meshing. »

They never take their eyes off each other. Contact dance and mutual trust, evoking delicacy and respective attention. One guides the other’s dance, the adult’s travelling accompanies the child’s movements. The dance of both can come from the partner’s breathing creating articular and round movement. The child uses the height difference to be constantly lifted by the dancer staying as close as possible to her. She enjoys this privileged relationship, doesn’t seem to be bothered by this situation but, on the contrary, appreciates this affection. Like on an island, they only use one part of the stage (down stage left) and totally explore this closeness. This restricted area, limited, incarnates sometimes a well of light, sometimes a fragment of heaven’s vault coming to give fullness to their relation. The space all around them, not used for their dance, creates a protective halo, protecting them from the rest of the world. This peripheral space is used for a new dimension of lighting reinforced by the video image.

copyright Laurent Philippe

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CHOREOGRAPHY : Jacques Fargearel with the collaboration of the dancers.
DANCERS : Jaime Flor, Anne Minetti, Shirlenn Jousseau, Lucien Terrades
LIGHTING CREATION  : Patrick Debarbat (Borée et Chinook) et Jean-Marc Walter (Bréva et Chamsin)
COSTUMES : Lenaïg Hunault
ACCESSORIES : Sophie Giret

Coproduction : Compagnie du Sillage, Orly’s cultural center Aragon Triolet, CCN de Créteil et du Val-de-Marne Compagnie Montalvo Hervieu as part of the studio reception.
With the support of Conseil Général du Val-de-Marne as part as  of  the Aide à la création.
The company is supported by the General Council of Val-de-Marne within the framework of the functioning help .
Thanks to the Theater Gérard Philipe of Champigny-sur-Marne and to the city of Orly.

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