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Between Earth and Heaven

Project of the year 1998
Quintet for 2 adult dancers and 3 child dancers

For Maria,

Synopsis :
Refuge into an imaginery world,
The act of playing implies
The commitment of the entire body.
Playful situations
Lead to spontaneous movement.
It translates the expression
Of a found again memory,
Of an immense joy,
Of a profound sadness,
Of shared happiness.
The imaginary vision in movement reveals itself.
Playground, game in space, everyone of us recreates in them
A world of our own dimensions
In an environment that suits us,
In a place that we will have reconstructed
Between earth and heaven.

Jacques Fargeare

copyright Philippe Fleuroux

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Distribution :
CHOREOGRAPHY : Jacques Fargearel with the collaboration of the dancers
DANCERS : Serge Ambert, Katharina Bader, Noémie Choquel, Guillaume Détrié, Remi Da Fonseca
LIGHTING : Bruno Monfeuillard
MUSIC : Robert Moran, Terrugi, Elliott Sharp, John Oswald, Yann Tiersen, Fanfare de Belo Horizonte, Rameau
TEXT : Roddy Doyle
SET DESIGN : Jacques Bertrand Guildane

Co-production Compagnie du Sillage, Orly’s cultural center Aragon-Triolet,
Festival les coups de théâtre - Montréal,
Aide à la création du Conseil général du Val de Marne
With the support of the Biennale de Danse du Val de Marne, the city of Orly and the commune of Saint-Priest-de-Gimel.

Nous contacter
Compagnie du Sillage
Jacques Fargearel
1 place du 8 mai 1945, 94310 Orly
tel : 09 82 48 42 04
port : 07 62 77 24 22

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Compagnie du Sillage Jacques Fargearel
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